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We are a fully licensed and insured general contracting firm who specializes in all types Home and Commercial Renovations. Our projects range from common to high end custom work. We service the entire Long Island area including Nassau and Suffolk County. All work is 100% guaranteed and completed to your satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, and ensuring that we remain a leader in our industry by keeping up to date on all of the latest technologies, techniques, and standards in our industry through various professional associations.

Copies of our Licensing and Insurance coverages are issued to our clients automatically prior to the commencement of any work. References concerning our company and/or work which we have completed for former clients are available through our office upon request.

We strive to make your remodeling project as fun and exciting as possible. It is our desire to ensure that you get exactly what you want and that your expectations of the finished product are exceeded by us. We have outlined the remodeling process and steps below from the initial contact, through the design phase, to 100% completion of your project.

Initial Contact

Discuss the basic scope of work, approximate budget for your project, time frame for the proposed project. Set up a time for us to meet at the projected work site.

In Person Meeting at Site

Provide copies of all licensing & insurance. Provide references, pictures of our work from former clients. Assess your home to determine the feasibility of the proposed remodeling project. Discuss your desires and expectations for the remodeling project. Give you a date as to when you will receive our written proposal for your project.

Proposal Delivery

Provide a pinpoint accurate written proposal with crystal clear specific details describing all work to be completed on your project. Materials to be used. Total cost of the project. Payment schedule, etc.

If applicable, provide simple drawings and or sketches pertaining to your work.

Provide the time frame for your proposed project. Approximate start and completion dates.

Discuss your project in detail, answer any questions you may have regarding the proposal or the alteration. Modify the proposal should there be any changes, deletions or additions to the scope of work listed.

Proposal Acceptance

Client accepts and approves written contract describing all work to be completed on your project. We are now ready to begin the work you desire.

If applicable, submit all paper work to obtain building permits and inspections required by the state of New York for your renovation. If you own an apartment in a Co-Op, or Condo, we will help you with the submission of your alteration for board approval of the work as well.

Project Starts

On the first day we conduct a site meeting between the client and us to discuss the entire project in general so that we are all on the same page from the initial start.

Manage all phases of construction, perform all tasks involved in a logical and systematic order to ensure that your renovation is completed in a smooth and proficient manner while maintaining a high degree of production and top notch quality of work.

Ensure that your project is maintained in a clean and safe environment throughout the entire duration of the renovation.

Walk Throughs

Meet with clients periodically throughout the renovation to maintain good communication and to ensure that all project details and expectations are being met by us.

Completion of Project

If required, complete all New York City building code inspections.

Review the entire project along with client to ensure that all work is up to standards and meets the clients' expectations.

Vinny's General Contracting can turn your home into a palace. Our rates are affordable and our work is of the highest quality you will find. We offer free estimates and complete consultations on work which you may desire. Call us for quotes on desired work. For a complete description of the types of work that we do please Click Here!

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